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Strengthen your immune system
October 19, 2016

Strengthen your immune system

As the weather starts to get chillier here in the Northern Hemisphere, many people become more susceptible to illness and infection. In many ancient cultures, this is the time of year where more soup is eaten. Of course, the warmth is nice, but there is another reason for this.

Traditionally, these soups had a bone broth base. The bones and extra parts of the animal were boiled for a long time to allow the gelatin and other important components to be extracted. These components are very healing. This is where the "chicken soup" tradition comes from... the soup was made from the whole chicken providing you with plenty of gelatin. Of course, if you were to throw some oregano and garlic in the soup, it would make it all the more powerful to ward off illness.

What is Gelatin

Gelatin is processed version of the structural protein that holds us together called collagen. Collagen makes up 1/3 of the protein in the human body, and is found in the skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, and coverings of the muscles, and as the support structure for the organs. As you get older, you tend to make less collagen, and the collagen becomes cross linked. You might experience this with wrinkles in the skin, stiff joints, and less efficient function of the organs.

What does taking gelatin do for you?

  • It supports immune function.
  • It helps regulate the thyroid by providing the amino acids needed by the thyroid to make the hormones.
  • It helps to heal the lining of the gut, improving leaky gut, and preventing further allergy formation.
  • It has an amino acid profile with more of the "beneficial" amino acids that tend to be lower in meat and dairy products.
  • Since collagen in our bodies are made of gelatin, consuming it helps to reduce wrinkles, reduced joint pain, and decrease cellulite.

I found that it really helps to improve my energy levels, and my ability to get up in the morning.

How can you get gelatin?

The best way is to make bone broth from organic chicken bones, organic meat bones, fish skeleton or even the shells of shrimp. It is not as hard as it sounds. I have made it a few times and what I do is as I make dinner, I keep the cuttings from the vegetables, like the stems or odd pieces that I would usually throw away and put them in the crock pot. Then I quarter an onion, throw in some garlic, add about a half cup of apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. I put the left over parts of the meat, like the skin, bones, shells, etc. in the crock pot and turn it on low for a day or 2. I add water as needed. At the end, I have a delicious stock that becomes the base of soups and provides incredible satiety.

Don't have time?

There are commercially available bone broth protein powders, or you can just buy gelatin.

I take 2 heaping teaspoons in a cup of tea in the evening. It helps calm you down for bed, but it is not sedative, so you can take it in the morning if your prefer. You could certainly take more, but I just don't have time! And don't let your tea get cold, unless you want tea jello!

There are a number of products out there. I think the Great Lakes Collagen Hydrosalate is great because it can be added to cold drinks and doesn't gel.

Affiliate link to Great Lakes Collagen Hydrosalate

The ones from Vital Proteins are grass fed, and therefore should be better for you. However, these are very expensive. Affilate Link to Vital Protiens

Since grass-fed effects mostly the fat, and there is no fat in gelatin, I use NOW Real Foods. You can get a large amount and maybe even sneak it into your family once in a while. I want to make jello jigglers made with good gelatin to get it into them.

Affilate link to Now Real Foods Gelatin

The bone broth protein recommended by Dr. Axe is by Ancient Nutrition.

Affiliate link to Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protien

However you choose to do it, adding gelatin to your diet is important!

Wishing you health and freedom from pain!

Mary X. Psaromatis, DC

PS - Thank you for using my affiliate links when you make a purchase from Amazon or my website. It helps offset the cost for maintaining the newsletter and website.

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