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Improve your brain? (this weekend only)
June 02, 2016

Can you improve your brain?

Jim Kwik did it.

He had a brain injury as a kid which made it difficult to learn. He passed out in college due to brain overload and ended up in the hospital, and because of this experience studied the brain and memory and how to improve it. He has gone on to share this knowledge professionally with students, actors, CEO's and even presidents.

And now you can get a peak at his exclusive conference for free! (It is sold out, at $2000 per ticket!)

I have been following his work for sometime, and have used some of his principles to increase my maximum reading speed to 600 words per minute.

I signed up for the conference and just wanted to give you all a link to join if you are interested. I'm hoping I can make it!

Here's the link to join me.

Super Hero Brain Conference

Plus, if you want, share your signin with your friends and you will get a chance at prizes. (See details on sign up page).

Wishing you health and freedom from pain!

Mary X. Psaromatis, DC PS. Hope to see you there!
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