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Got the sniffles? Try these simple solutions
January 26, 2016

Got the sniffles?

Simple treatment for the cold and flu

Are you battling the yearly flu season? Could be vitamin D deficiency. Or a vitamin C deficiency.

It turns out that as we get less sun, the general population's vitamin D levels fall, and they start succumbing to the flu. You chances of contracting the flu are directly related to your vitamin D levels. According to new research, flu season may actually be Vitamin D deficiency season. Your best bet is to maintain a blood level of 50-ng/ml Vitamin D year round, which will probably require supplementation.

Of course, you won't hear that in the main stream media, because this would go against the latest push to get EVERYONE to get a flu vaccine.

Getting flu symptoms?

If you haven't been taking vitamin D on a regular basis, you can take 50,000 units for 3 days to help cure the infection....

50,000 units? Yes! It actually has very low toxicity, so it is very hard to over dose. You would have to take those levels for several weeks to even get close. You can check out the Vitamin D Council for more information on Vitamin D.

There is still a possibility you might get the infection if you have never been exposed, but the course of the illness should be shorter.

I take the Vitamin D with K2 and make sure that I am also taking my magnesium.

Anything else you can do?

Vitamin C is very important in a number of functions in your body, due to its role as a water soluble antioxidant. What that means is that it picks up and carries away damaging molecules called free radicals that create damage and inflammation in your body at a cellular level.

Taking large doses over a short period of time can help your body heal infection. I recommend taking 1000 mg every hour to bowel tolerance (your stools get loose). Taking it hourly allows your body to absorb more of it and gives your blood levels of vitamin C a boost each time, giving you the upper hand over the infection. This method helped me to get over an illness that had lasted me almost 3 months.

IV vitamin C has actually saved people's lives. This is an interesting case study of a man that was consider terminal from swine flu, that was healed with high doses of Vitamin C.

Where should you get your vitamin C?

Normally, you should try to keep your levels up with a diet rich in organic vegetables and fruits. Here are some levels of vitamin C found in foods.

Large sweet pepper ~340 mg One chili pepper ~ 110 mg Half cup Brussels sprouts ~ 48 mg Half cup broccoli ~ 41 mg Medium Artichoke ~ 30 mg Medium sweet potato ~ 28 mg Tomato ~ 20-25 mg Cauliflower ~ 20-25 mg Kale ~ 20-25 mg

However, when you are coming down with an illness, supplement with large doses of ascorbic acid. I like Emergen-C for the kids... easy to get them to take it!

There is also some evidence that a Liposomal Vitamin C is better absorbed, so that can be helpful. but take any vitamin C that you have!

Of course, it is also important to not consume sugar, processed foods, and dairy while you are fighting illness, because these foods depress your immune response, and dairy increases mucus production.

Wishing you health and freedom from pain!

Mary X. Psaromatis, DC PS - Just wanted to let you know that I will be changing the frequency of this newsletter to monthly, as it has become too difficult to sustain a weekly schedule.

PPS - I would really appreciate your help... the links to Amazon are affiliate links. Anything you purchase through those links will help support this newsletter and website. Thank you!

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