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My involunatry experiment
August 30, 2016

My involunatry experiment

The other day I cut my finger on the cutting edge for plastic wrap. It was painful, and somewhat deep and bleeding, so I immediately lasered it and had to put a bandage on it to keep working. That night, day I just barely nicked another finger on the same hand. It didn't bleed, so I thought, I should really laser that, but didn't stop to do so.

I woke up the next morning with the smaller one hurting. The larger cut was closed, and not inflamed or hurting. The smaller one was red and inflamed like it was fighting an infection, and it really hurt.

I thought "What on earth...?"

"It should be the other way around!" Then I remembered that I had lasered the deeper cut and not the smaller one, so I immediately pulled out my laser and worked on it. I didn't think to continue my involuntary experiment. =)

Within an hour, it was felling much better, and it is not bothering me today.

New Information about the laser

It looks like I might need to add a part of a chapter to the book I am writing about laser since there is some new and exciting information about it. I have recently been learning about structured water. This is a very interesting topic.

Basically, water comes in 4 states - gas, liquid, solid, and structured. They can actually take pictures of the water in its structured state and it looks like a star where contaminated water and distilled water have a less organized pattern.

It turns out that this structure is very important to the functioning of the human body. It allows capillaries to flow properly, and muscles to contract, and the cells to act like batteries. When we take in water that is not structured, our bodies have to do a lot of work to structure it.

Apparently, injury can interfere with the water structure in your cells and restructuring the water can create tissue healing. Infrared radiation (heat) can help, as can visible light and UV rays. Sunlight can help heal and even simple physical contact can help.

This may also be another reason that laser can help heal the tissues. It can help restructure the water in the cells! And laser seems to be more effective than regular light because all the light waves are lined up with each other. Even earthing seems to help. But that is a discussion for another day. =)

So get out in the sunshine, put your bare feet on the ground, and get your laser for those injuries here!

Get you laser here.

Wishing you health and freedom from pain!

Mary X. Psaromatis, DC PS - Thank you for using my affiliate links when you make a purchase from Amazon or my website. It helps offset the cost for maintaining the newsletter and website.
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