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Limited time - Why I use my laser
November 23, 2016

Why I use my laser

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have had a few patients ask me, "Why would I buy a laser?"

This is a great question, but one I have to be very cautious answering online. I have a problem, because I can't claim that this laser does anything since it has not been through the very expensive FDA testing to clear it as a medical device. It has only been cleared as "safe".

What I will do is share some of my experiences with this very laser that I have had personally and observed with patients.

I have observed it speed healing on new injuries.

I have seen this with cuts, bruises, bug bites and bee stings, even fractures like I shared in a previous email. I have seen it speed the healing of sprains and strains of ligaments and muscles. It is also great for bruises.

I have seen it decrease pain.

This seems to happen fairly quickly for new injuries, but take a little longer with older injuries. It has even seemed to help with some instances of nerve pain!

It seems to help heal chronic injuries.

It works well for bursitis type problems, where there is chronic inflammation. Chronic pain is much more complicated because it tends to have many factors, but when used in conjunction with other necessary interventions, it can be the missing ingredient.

It can stimulate acupuncture points more strongly than needles.

I use certain protocols that use acupuncture points, and I can see the change in about 1-2 minutes. It is said to speed energy production. While I can't see this directly, I seem to observe this in the speeding of healing.

It can help reduce the appearance of fine line wrinkles.

While I haven't found the time to try this myself, I have had patients that say that it has helped them.

It may help reduce scar formation.

I have personally used it to reduce scars. I had a bad injury about 2 years ago, where I fell into a hole in my backyard, which created a dent in my leg, and swelling for the rest of the pregnancy. I used laser a few times when it first happened, and it helped the healing, but not the dent. A year later, I still had a dent, so I decided to try something new with the laser and guasha. I no longer have the dent in my leg! I will share that technique in next month's Health Bit.

I hope this explanation helps. This is also why on the sales page I say nothing about what it can do... I am not allowed!

I want you to be able to start using the laser this Christmas or share it with your loved ones, so I am offering my lowest discount of the year...

Use the code THANKSGIVING at checkout to get your discount.

Get your laser here.

I hope you find this helpful. I really believe in this device, so I am offering a 30 day buy back guarantee if you are not satisfied, where I will personally buy back your laser.

Wishing you health and freedom from pain!

Mary X. Psaromatis, DC

P.S. Don't delay. Get your laser this week to start decreasing pain. You can even work on reducing wrinkles!

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