How did I manage to get this website up?

Here is my story...

I am no computer genius... sure, I know how to figure a lot of things out on the computer. I was even able to use Microsoft Front page to put together my first website. It took me forever and I was very proud of it. I even tried to "optimize it" for certain phrases so I would get found. And I put a little counter on the bottom so I could see how many visits I had. I thought that I would get plenty of traffic and it would grow my young business.

The truth is it didn't. It sat there unless I sent someone to it. It went unnoticed on the web like so many other thousands of websites, and I doubt that it ever paid me back for all the time and labor I had put into it. In fact, I am sure it didn't!

I only received a little over 1000 visits in all 6 years that it was up!

I was so embarrassed, I took the visitor counter off.

Years later, I ran into SBI (Site Build It) which was the best website builder I had ever found... not because it could make more beautiful sites than the others (which it could), or have more cool functions (which it does), but because it was a step by step program that I could use to actually get traffic! And it's not just about how to get the traffic, it is about how to help people - lots of people - with the information I know, and be able to generate an income from it.

I have not been able to work on this website the way that I should because during the 6 years I have had it, I have had 3 of my 6 children (and working on my 7th at this writing), I have moved across the country and lived in a relative's house, I have had to find 3 different jobs, have been homeschooling my children, etc.

Yet despite all this, I now have over 10,000 individual visitors per MONTH!

And I have made more mistakes with this system, and put less time in than I did with my first website!

And it's not just me... other people have done it too. You can write about anything. One guy is making money on birthday parties!

Now, if I have managed to get that many visitors with so many obstacles, imagine what you could do!

Maybe you are like some of my patients, and really don't like your job any more... and the stress is causing you pain. Or maybe you are having financial troubles which cause you headaches...

I think you owe it to yourself to consider an opportunity like this. Get away from that job you hate, or help alleviate the financial stress in your family.

Check out Solo Build It!


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