Meridian Tapping Therapy: A shocking cure

I don’t know if you have heard about meridian tapping therapy or not. I hadn’t until about 4 or 5 years ago (at the time of writing this). It is deceptively simple… you do the “set up” where you tap on the side of your hand and state 3 times “Even though you have this problem, I accept myself anyway.” Then you tap on acupuncture points while focusing on the problem, or different parts of the problem. By the end you feel better.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

That’s what I thought, too. And that is why I refused to look any further into it for 3 years. But I kept hearing it being mentioned by people in the health field that I trusted, like Dr. Joseph Mercola, and Dr. Deepak Chopra. And I got desperate

I have always been sensitive and allergic to many foods, but when I became pregnant with my fifth child, it got ridiculous. Dairy made my lungs itch, fruit and anything acidic would give me weird sores on my tongue that looked like craters, and if I had any meat products or eggs that were not organic, I would feel like I had the flu. Wheat and soy gave me instant heart burn. But the worst of it was that most nuts and beans caused my esophagus to close down in spasm, making it hard to swallow even water, and making me feel like I was being stabbed through the chest and out my back with a rod.

Out of desperation, I tried meridian tapping therapy, (also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique). I started with the beans since my reaction was always so immediate and severe; I knew that I would know if it was working right away.

I sat down in front of a container of hummus… it is made with chickpeas and sesame seeds, both of which I was allergic to. I tapped on every aspect I could think of:

I tapped on being allergic to the chick peas… to the sesame seeds… that I was sensitive to both things… that they would close my esophagus… that they would prevent me from swallowing… that I would feel the stabbing in my chest… that I would feel it in my back.

I tapped on everything I could think of. Then when I went to try it, I was afraid, so I tapped on that too! Finally, I got the courage up to try it.

I took a bite… nothing happened!

I took another bite… I felt a little tightening in my throat, so I tapped again and it went away!

I was shocked!

I had tried so many things to help my food allergies. Supplements, diets, water… they all helped a little, but nothing came close to this result. You can imagine that I was really excited. I couldn’t wait to go to work the next day to try it on ALL my patients. Some of them though it was too strange to try, but so many of them tried it and got astounding effects for themselves! I am constantly trying to get more people to try it. I think if everyone was to drink enough water, work out their trigger points, and use meridian tapping therapy, the health care costs would be cut in half… but that is a rant for another day =)

Later, I found this movie called The Tapping Solution that made me laugh and cry with the people in it as they found new freedom from pain and old wounds, both physical and psychological. This is a must watch. It will give you a deeper understanding about how to really use Meridian tapping therapy to get deep and long lasting results.

Have I convinced you to learn meridian tapping technique yet? =)

I have continued to learn more and more about Meridian tapping and all the wonderful ways you can use it. I have used in on myself and patients for pain, fears, post traumatic stress, habits, limiting beliefs. Let me tell you more…

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