Discover a new way to treat the
age-old problem...

Has pain stolen your happiness and robbed you of your lifestyle?

Are you tired of wasting time and money to get treatment?

Do you want to end your dependence on painkillers just to make it through the day?


It's time to take back your power... your power to heal yourself!

I know you.

You have been in pain forever.

You have been on this quest to alleviate pain for a long time.

You like to learn and are willing to try new things, but it is so hard to find the right answers.

No one around you understands the pain. You have stopped talking about it because, let's face it, it seems that no one else wants to hear about your pain.

When people ask how you are, you often have to force a smile and say "I'm fine, how are you?" even though you are far from fine.

And you are busy — too busy to have time for running to frequent appointments.

I know you because I have been "you".


I have discovered that there are many causes of chronic pain. You can't just deal with one of them and expect the pain to go away.

I get upset when I see websites that say "just do this one thing and you will be healed."

They don't understand. Maybe that "one thing" was one of the puzzle pieces, and maybe it will help some people, but it can't possibly help everyone in pain. 

Chronic pain has no easy fix...

You know there's no easy fix...

And that is why you are here...

Still in pain...

Let me share with you what I have found to be the problem. It's not really one problem; it is a set of problems.

I find that I have to address these areas with people before they get lasting change. I have written a laser book, High-Tech Healing meets Ancient Art: Laser Biostimulation to Acupoints For Eliminating Pain, Stress, and Sensitivities and created a package that helps you address all parts of the STEPS protocol with the laser.

·        Stress

·        Trigger Points

·        Exercise

·        Posture

·        Supplements/Sensitivities

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Stress contributes to your pain in so many ways. It increases the stress hormone, cortisol, which leads to a host of other problems such as increased inflammation, prolonged healing times, and depressed immune system.

Stress also causes muscle tension which leads to knots in your muscles (trigger points), which in turn, cause more pain. Stress also causes an imbalance in your autonomic or "automatic" nervous system, turning on the fight or flight part of the system... in other words, preparing your body to fight or run.

Since neither of these options are socially acceptable, we usually end up in the "freeze" state, where we internalize the stress. Unfortunately, this can lead to locking the pain into your body. Medically, this is known as sensitization.

Sensitization is a state of heightened awareness of pain. It is normal for this to happen right after an injury. You are normally more aware of the body part that is injured, and you pay more attention to the pain.

However, the sensitization should decrease and go away as the injury heals. Sometimes this doesn't happen the way it should, leaving you with chronic pain for an injury that has technically "healed". This happens more often when the initial injury or pain occurred with a stressful event.

In this program, I will give you the tools to be able to decrease or eliminate the sensitization. This is accomplished by decreasing stress with a specific protocol, treating additional points for pain elimination, and needle-free acupuncture protocols for pain in each area.

Trigger points — knots in your muscles

Trigger points are responsible for causing or contributing to up to 80% of chronic pain according to some reports. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of them, or don't understand how they work. This is even true of health care practitioners!

I once sent a patient to a clinic that claimed to do trigger point injection, and they didn't even inject the right trigger points! I had to send her back with the trigger points marked in indelible ink to get them injected. I was disturbed, to say the least.

Trigger points are basically knots in the muscles, but they happen at a very specific point... It is right where the nerve communicates with the muscle, giving the muscle the signal to contract. The muscle runs out of energy and gets "stuck" in a contraction (sometimes for years!). So it is essentially an energy and communication crisis. And it turns out that laser is really good at increasing energy, as well as improving nerve communication.


So… Why are trigger points so hard to treat?

Trigger points are usually NOT where it hurts the most!

When you have gone to get care for your pain, how many times have you had a health care practitioner check where it doesn't hurt?

I'm guessing for many of you, NEVER!

The pain you feel is referred pain, meaning the feeling is referred or transferred to another area, sometimes quite distant from where the trigger point is.

I have found you the perfect tool to be able to find your trigger points based on where your pain is located. Once located, you can treat them with massage and with the laser.


We will talk about a new way to think about movement and exercise so that you are not stuck in your rigid patterns that keep recreating trigger points and decreasing your vitality.


Although not directly related to the laser, we will touch on posture so you don't keep recreating your problems. We need to break the cycle of recreating the trigger points.


Supplements are really the subject for another work, but I will talk about a few that are essential.  Deficiency in them is very likely contributing to your chronic pain.


One of the most exciting things that laser treatment can do is help reduce your sensitivities!

Being chronically exposed to allergens puts your body in a constant state of “red alert”. This means there are more inflammatory products floating around in your body, stressing your muscles, joints, blood vessels, and organs making you feel sluggish and achy.

You need to get the pro-inflammatory foods out of your diet, but you also need to stop being sensitive to perfectly healthful foods. Frequently, people are sensitive to things that should be good for them!

In my book, High-Tech Healing Meets Ancient Art, I have included the protocol that I use in the office, with great success, that...

I have never shared before!

I want you to be able to eliminate your sensitivities as I have done for patients and myself.

  Eliminate your chronic pain...

To have success eliminating chronic pain, you need to be able to address all these areas at the level necessary for your body. Used together, the STEPS are your path to freedom from pain!

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Laser and Book Bundle!
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Let me introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Mary Psaromatis. I've been a chiropractor for over 14 years, but I have been on a quest to find answers to pain for much longer.

You see, I started having chronic pain when I was in kindergarten. It started with daily stomach aches. In middle school, I developed chronic back pain, and in high school chronic headaches. Over the years, for one reason or another, I have had pain in most areas of my body. I joke with patients that I've had most conditions that I treat... at least I can be an empathetic doctor!

Not wanting to be an Advil junkie, I have been searching for answers for many years. First, I went to physical therapy school and then on to chiropractic college, but neither provided me with answers for my pain, though I was treated by many different practitioners. No one could tell me why I was hurting all the time. So I had to continue my quest to find pain relief on my own.

I have found ways to alleviate my pain over the years, many of them not well known or understood. But together, they have become THE SOLUTION to not only to my pain but most of my patients' pain as well. I have come up with the STEPS Protocol which systematically addresses the common components of chronic pain.

THE most effective tool to address three areas of the STEPS Protocol is the laser. I love this tool and keep it with me in my purse all the time.That's why I wrote this book.

Why do I love the laser?

  • It causes biostimulation which speeds healing of any new injury.
  • It can help erase my stress (I need that with 7 kids!).
  • It helps boost the whole immune system.
  • It's fast - just a few minutes is all you need.
  • It's portable - you don't have to wait for your next appointment.
  • It's cool!

In addition to the laser being so helpful with pain, it turns out that the benefits don't stop there.

  • You can treat acupuncture points MORE effectively than needles... without the needles!
  • You can painlessly eliminate trigger points.
  • You can speed up elimination of post exercise soreness.
  • You can eliminate or reduce food allergies and sensitivities... seriously!
  • You can reduce acne and pimples.
  • You can beautify your skin, toning and reducing wrinkles.

 It is really an amazing tool! I wouldn't want to be without it, (especially with kids!).

Beauty Applications?

That's right! If you weren't convinced to decrease your pain, why not try some wrinkle and acne reduction too?

Buy Laser Book

Laser and Book Bundle!
now $387

A couple of weeks ago, my 5 year old daughter got a bee sting while playing on the porch. She was instantly hysterical, and being fair skinned, was having a pretty dramatic response with redness and swelling. I whipped out the laser and applied it to the bee sting, while tapping her pain points. In minutes, she was ready to run off and play again. I applied it one more time a few minutes later, and never heard another complaint about it. In fact, that night, when I asked her about the sting, she couldn't finding it!