Supplements for Inflammation and Pain

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Supplements for Muscle Pain

Magnesium — Magnesium is really important in muscle relaxation. If you get cramps in your muscles, or pain with using your muscles, you are probably deficient. This is a fairly widespread problem because the soil is being depleted, and is not usually replenished with magnesium during planting. Magnesium deficiency causes muscle cramping, weakness, achiness, headaches, stress, and many other symptoms. Learn more about magnesium deficiency.

Vitamin D — New studies are coming out that are linking unexplained body pain with low levels of vitamin D. If you live in a Northern latitude and/or do not get regular sun exposure to exposed arms and legs, chances are good that you are deficient. John Cannell, M.D. of the Vitamin D Council recommends 5000 IU per day for the average person... learn more about Vitamin D deficiency.

Celtic Sea Salt - The salt recommended by water expert, Dr. Batmanghelidj, for balancing water and electrolytes in the body as described in the dehydration section.

Supplements for Trauma to the Muscles

Traumeel — This is a very effective topical ointment or internal homeopathic to help your body heal from any kind of injury. This helps me (and my kids) get over bruises much faster than normal.

Bromelain — A great substitute for anti-inflammatories such as aspirin and ibuprophen. This is an enzyme that "eats up" the inflammatory products that have already been created. Make sure to take this 30 minutes before a meal, or 2 hours after.

Supplements for Inflammation

Probiotics — HMF adult or child version — help restore balance in the gut and stop inflammation and pain in your body. To be able to heal your body, you have to heal your gut. The most important piece of this is balancing the bacteria in your gut. The "bad bacteria" and yeast often start taking over after a course of antibiotics, or when you are eating sugar or starchy products. Adopting a low sugar diet and repopulating your gut are the first steps to getting your health back.

Cod Liver Oil — Omega 3s are VERY important supplements for reducing inflammation. Most Americans are very deficient in Omega 3s and have way too much Omega 6 in their diet with leads to much inflammation and pain. The ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6 should be 1:6, but in most Americans it is 1:36!!! Start taking your Omega 3s today to fix your ratio and decrease your inflammation.

Nutiva Coconut Oil — An anti-inflammatory oil to be used instead of pro-inflammatory (omega 6) canola, corn, soybean, and vegetable oils. This oil does not increase the ratio of Omega 3:6 as stated above. I always have coconut oil and olive oil on hand for my cooking. This is the one I use.

Food Based Multivitamin — An adult or child version by Natural Vitality is great for general health. Good nutrition is quite important in decreasing inflammatory levels.

Supplements for Energy

Energy 28 — A great substitute for caffeine so you stop hurting and dehydrating your muscles.

B-12 — Often found to be lacking in vegetarians/vegans, as well as people with digestion problems and older individuals. Causes decreased energy as well as many other neurological symptoms.The best form to take is methylcobalamin.

Liquid B Vitamins — Vital for energy production as well as muscle health.

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Access Code = muscle

Zip Code = 97229

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