The Tapping Solution:
Who knew the solution was at your finger tips?

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that your cure for stress and pain is already in your hand!

There is a technique called Meridian tapping or EFT (featured in The Tapping Solution Movie) that can change your life. Before you press the back button, thinking this has to be a scam, read my story.

I have been amazed by what meridian tapping can do and this movie does a great job of capturing the essence of this wonderful technique.

Read What My Patients are saying about Meridian Tapping

I first learned Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) from a therapist, Carol Maker, MSW LCSW and found it very effective for releasing emotionally challenging experiences, and actually resolving them. This introduction to Tapping changed my life forever.

Dr. Mary helped me realize that Tapping could be used for food allergies and body pain. There is always an emotional component to any kind of physical pain or allergies, so as an acupuncturists, I started using Tapping to help my patients with these things. The results I have seen have been amazing! The more I study and work with the technique, the more I am amazed by it. I continue to use it in my own personal life as well and am also continually amazed at how much it helps me.

- Danielle Quast, LAc Acupuncturist and Business Owner

I have truly been in less pain since I started tapping regularly. My lower back feels better than it has in 5 years since I first injured it and I am more confident than ever that I do not have to live in chronic pain for the rest of my life. I have also found that when I am feeling stressed out about something, tapping about it always relaxes me and helps me feel better in general... I am grateful for this knowledge, but wish I would have known about it earlier.

- Amber Reyes, Mom and Chronic Back Pain Sufferer

I was in a car accident and had made progress in my recovery with chiropractic treatment and massage, but hit a plateau at about 85% recovery. I was frustrated to be so close and not be able to recover, and I even began to regress.

That is when Dr. Mary taught me meridian tapping for my frustration and pain. I tried it and quickly realized that I wasn't just frustrated, I was actually afraid I wasn't going to get better. So I tapped focusing on my fear, and found an even deeper realization that I was actually afraid to get better! That seemed crazy to me... who wants to keep hurting?!

But it wasn't that I liked my pain. I was afraid of healing for a number of other reasons... it meant I'd have to settle my case, I was afraid of being taken advantage of by insurance companies, I even realized I felt a little greedy about wanting compensation for my pain & suffering - and I'm not a greedy person! so I was rather embarrassed by that... a part of me really didn't want to heal!

Tapping helped me let go of my resistance and start making progress again. Now when I get stuck (with pain or even a situation in life, at work, in relationship, etc) I use tapping to find my underlying cause and what feelings might be in my way. Meridian tapping is such a great, effective tool!

- Julie M., Car Accident Victum and Mom

How does the Tapping work?

This is a technique in which you access negative memories or feelings while tapping on acupuncture points along your meridians. The tapping acts to calm down the amygdala, which is the part of the brain responsible for negative emotions. This area creates a physical stress response with the "fight, flight, or freeze" response.

Why Tapping?

You can’t talk yourself out of stress

This is because the conscious brain doesn't control the amygdala. Sure, there are techniques that can help, but someone saying “Don’t be so stressed” doesn’t change anything.

The other part of the problem, is that our amygdala doesn’t differentiate between a stressful situation like seeing a lion (or your angry boss) and remembering seeing a lion. As time goes on, these stressful situations repeat, and soon any evidence of the “lion” (or something that reminds you of your boss – a mannerism or hair cut, etc) will cause the same stress response as seeing the “lion” in the first place.

This often happens without you realizing why you are stressed at all. All you know is that suddenly, your shoulders are tight, you are breathing faster, your heart rate increases, you blood sugar increases, etc. And over time, we have more and more memories of our “lions”. We start to be stressed and frozen all the time because we are always seeing the evidence of these past “lions” wherever we turn.

When to use Meridian Tapping?

Here is where the tapping solution comes to the rescue: We can now calm down all those connections and stop stressing out about every little thing that reminds us of our negative experiences or “lions”. We can be free and live to our full potential… I know it sounds a little cliché, but that is what I have seen over and over again.

You can have this freedom now!

Show me!

The Tapping Solution: Amazing Stories!

Ten people come together with various life challenges and pain. They are guided by Meridian Tapping or EFT experts through intensive tapping sessions that uncover their deepest fears and wounds for 4 days.

Notice their faces: they come in stressed and worn. They leave looking so different… light and free. I have to confess; I laughed and cried watching this movie. I think it is a life changer.

I would highly recommend watching the trailer. When you watch the movie, watch the included tutorial on tapping first, so you can tap along with the people in the movie. You will feel freer by the end!

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