Part 6. Pelvic Stability through Pelvic Circles

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Pelvic circles incorporate all directions of pelvic stability. They are rotations of the pelvis in a circle. It is somewhat awkward at first, especially because your brain/body connection has been asleep for a while! Once you have done them for a week or so, it should get a lot easier. (Much easier to do on an exercise ball, by the way!)

Remember: We are going for improved proprioception. Do all motions slowly and thoughtfully. Move with attention. Don't push into pain. Less is more here. Be really subtle, and notice everything. This will improve the connections to your brain.

Pelvic Stability with Pelvic Circles

  • Starting from neutral again, I want you to pretend you are sitting on a disc and tilt forward, to the right, backward, to the left, and forward again in one smooth continuous movement.
  • Repeat this clockwise rotation 5-6 times, combining all the motions you learned above.
  • Just as you have done with all the other motions, check in with your body and feel the motion. You are giving your brain a wealth of new information. Check in with:
    • Shoulders and neck
    • Upper back and rib cage
    • Low back and belly
    • Breathing
    • Hips and legs
  • Stop, rest, check how you are sitting. Does it feel different than when you started?
  • Repeat this exercise rotating in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Come back to neutral. How does your back feel now?

Pelvic Stability with ABCs???

Yes, I am serious! I want you to pretend that you are sitting on paper and are going to draw your ABCs with your pelvis!

Upper case or lower case?

It doesn't matter. You could even draw a picture. The more creative here, the better. Have your kids do it with you. They will get a kick out of it, and it is good for them too. You should see the things I have my kids doing! Check in with all areas again, and see how you feel.


If you slowed down and let the connections happen, this exercise is pretty powerful, and one that I use frequently for myself and patients. Hopefully you are feeling the new connections being made in the brain. This is an important key to changing your back, and kicking out your pain!

I would do this on a regular basis - at least daily - until you are not in pain. Then you can decrease the frequency, and use it periodically and when you are experiencing a flare up. This exercise can also be performed lying on your back or standing, but I know you are sitting at the computer right now!

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