Part 5. Lateral Pelvic Tilt

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A lateral pelvic tilt is to the side, since lateral mean away from the midline. This will create a C in your spine away from the side your pelvis is tilting toward.

That sounds a little confusing, I know!...

You are going to be tipping the pelvis to the left, but to keep your body upright, your spine has to tilt to the right. Do that make more sense? Put another way, you are going to lift your left butt cheek off the chair, but stay upright. This creates a C open to the left.

Why are we doing this? This will use different core muscles and wake up more connections (proprioception) with that brain. We need to do this to rewire how the brain tells the low back to move.

Just a reminder: We are going for improved proprioception. Do all motions slowly and thoughtfully. Move with attention. Don't push into pain. Less is more here. Be really subtle, and notice everything. This will improve the connections to your brain.

Lateral Pelvic Tilts

  • Sitting on your sit bones, tilt toward the left so that your right sit bone comes a little off the chair, your back curves to the rightft slightly, like a C.
  • Repeat slowly and thoughtfully 5-6 times. Try slightly different variations with each repetition and notice the following areas:
    • Feel what's happening in your shoulders.
    • Feel your breathing - where are you breathing into?
    • Feel your chest and rib cage, they should be lifting lightly on the left side.
    • Feel your hips. Don't work them too hard.
    • Feel the movement in your low back. Try to notice the individual bones moving.
  • Stop, rest, check how you are sitting. Does it feel different than when you started? Subtlety is key here.
  • Repeat this exercise on the other side, and see what happens.
  • Now tilt from one side all the way to the other.
  • Come back to neutral. How does your back feel now?

Hopefully you are starting to feel some differences in the way you are sitting as you rest. Doing these exercises through the day can help prevent your back from stiffening up.

Good! We are almost done.

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